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Ipath Hemp Shoes

Looking for a comfortable and stylish pair of hemp shoes? look no further than the ipath cats! These shoes are in great condition and come in a stash pocket. Plus, the size 10 shoes are size 8 in other parts of the world. These shoes are a great deal and will be a great find in your store.

ipath hemp skate shoes

ipath hemp skate shoes

By Ipath


Ipath Grasshopper Hemp

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Hemp Ipath Shoes

These shoes are in great condition with just a few small marks. They are a good size for a 9. 5 footed person. They are still in use and still look new. if you're looking for some good skateboarding shoes, without breaking the bank, then you need to check out the ipath cats skateboarding shoes. This brown hemp rasta gum size 8. 5 hands down makes sure you get your hands on them! They're great for anyone who wants to enjoy skateboarding, but isn't afraid to go big or go home. these shoes are made of hemp and are vintage. They are in the package with the skates and are called "stash pocket". They are a good pair of shoes at a good price. this is a highly rare 2004 skater shoes set. They are 1996-1998 and contain the vikings hemp cricket statue. They are in great condition with no wear. These shoes are perfect for any show-up!